Added Newsweek photo from 6/26/44 and cover.


Not much of an update but upgraded Radio and Television Best cover image and article photo.


Added the following information:

  • Poster from Early to Bed

  • Photograph of Peggy performing in Early to Bed

  • Newspaper articles about and advertisements for Helen Goes to Troy.

  • Reference to the British Edition of Yank, The Army Magazine.

  • Article referencing Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston.

  • Corrected title of The Great Catherine.

  • Confirmed Photographic Horizons is listed in newspaper TV listings by December, 1947.

  • Photo of Peggy on And Everything Nice.

  • Believe it Or Not ad.

  • Hollywood Screen Test information and listing.

  • Site Update section added.

  • Peggy Corday timeline added.

  • Birthday changed from "1923-1927" to "circa. 1923." Though one source from 1949 notes her age as being 22, another says 25. If she was 22 in 1949, she would have been 16 years old when she appeared in Early to Bed. Possible but doesn't seem likely.